Ben's Studio Setup

Explainer Conversational

  • "BEN_WAKE_EXPLAINER_CONVERSATIONAL_Demo (1)" by Ben Wake - 07903235300.


  • "BEN_WAKE_COMMERCIAL_Demo" by Ben Wake.


  • "BEN_WAKE_E-LEARNING_Demo" by Ben Wake - 07903235300.

TV Narration

  • "BEN_WAKE_TV_NARRATION_Demo" by Ben Wake - 07903235300.


  • "BEN_WAKE_MEDICAL_Demo" by Ben Wake - 07903235300.

Ben Wake's Personal Pro VO Studio

Ben has made major investments to build a professional grade studio, all located within his own home office.

A completely isolated booth, industry standard microphones and powerful editing software – every aspect of Ben’s studio delivers recording quality that matches the pro studios; From Motown to Abbey Road.

All of this simply means that there’s no studio booking delays when you work with Ben Wake. He can record your work around the clock at a moment’s notice, and make instant changes based on your feedback and needs.

Professional Equipment

Studiobricks One Plus Booth

Widely regarded as the best commercial voiceover studio booth.

The Neumann U 87 Microphone

The most popular and widely used professional recording microphone.

Complete Audio Editing Suite

Your audio is delivered edited and mixed ready for you to use.

ipDTL & Source Connect

An ipDTL connection allows for live direction with zero quality loss.

Connect With Ben

If you need a strong British male voiceover artist to deliver your message, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill out the form, email, phone or book in some time with Ben on Calendly to discuss your project.