Who Is Ben Wake?

Explainer Conversational

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TV Narration

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Meet Ben Wake - Your New Voice

Ben is an award winning British Male Voice Over Artist who specialises in delivering an authoritative and authentic English voice to represent brands across the world.

Ben’s focus is on building a long-standing relationship with every client he works with. This can be seen in Ben’s very happy list of clients, with Ben remaining the voice of global iconic brands for years due to his reliable work ethic and irreplaceable delivery.

Working from his professional home studio, Ben delivers your voiceover recordings to your schedule. With no studio booking delays, Ben can provide expertly delivered VO with a superfast turnaround and instant retakes based on your feedback. He can even provide a live link from his studio via ipDTL, Source Connect or Zoom so you can be part of the process every step of the way.

Bens' Voice In 4 Words


Ben's powerful voice gets the attention of every listener within earshot. With his confident and professional delivery, Ben can give an authoritative voice to your brand that makes your audience take notice of what you have to say.


A personal touch is one of the most popular styles for modern brands to truly connect with their customers. Ben's personal and casual voiceover delivery allows him to get on level with your customers, as if he was only speaking to them.


Ben's background as an actor allows him to bring a genuine emotional connection when he speaks. Ben's delivery is touching and engaging, helping your customers feel truly connected to your business' ethos and message.

Modern English

As a Lancashire voiceover, Ben's accent is quintessentially English, with a more relatable touch. The modern audience wants to hear their own voice speaking to them, so Ben's non-RP British accent is the perfect representative on your behalf.

A British Male Voice Worth Listening To

Ben works across a multitude of voiceover genres, with his Lancashire texture giving brands a relatable modern English voiceover delivery that today’s audience strongly emotes with.

From professional corporate work, to e-learning, medical, promotional, web tutorials, commercial and narration voiceover – Ben’s conversational, yet authoritative delivery allows him to engage audiences, while remaining an authentic and personable voice.

Ben’s history of acting makes him one of the most diverse UK voice actors working today. Ben can capture every character archetype; Crazy, whacky, villainous and dramatic – Ben is the perfect British voice actor to bring characters to life for both adult and child audiences across the medium of videogames, animations, films or radio.

Ben Wake Voiceover Headshot

Connect With Ben

If you need a strong British male voiceover artist to deliver your message, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill out the form, email, phone or book in some time with Ben on Calendly to discuss your project.