Hire A British Accent For Your Video Game Project







Gaming Voiceover

Ben Wake is an award winning British voice actor who has been working as a character actor across animation and video games for many years.

Ben’s history of acting makes him one of the most diverse UK voice actors working today. Ben can capture every character archetype; Crazy, whacky, villainous and dramatic – Ben is the perfect British voice actor to bring characters to life for both adult and child audiences across the medium of videogames, animations, films or radio.

If you need a voice actor to provide the full range of English accents: from posh RP English, all the way up North to Lancashire accents and beyond; Then Ben is the perfect British voice actor for your video game project.

"He took the time to make sure what I asked for was delivered - he nailed it!"

Martin Moylan, Mastercard

"Ben has been very professional and incredibly responsive. His recordings sound great and he met our brief perfectly. I would highly recommend him and look forward to working together again."

Tom Lloyd, Zero Water

"It's really worth it! Amazing professional! I will work with him again."


Connect With Ben

If you need a strong British male voiceover artist to deliver your message, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill out the form, email, phone or book in some time with Ben on Calendly to discuss your gaming project.